“SUPPLY CHAIN DYNAMICS” by MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT) 7b7d042b15ae385e83cd177c2a47e1cf_35889163.bannerdautien

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“SUPPLY CHAIN DYNAMICS” by MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT) 7b7d042b15ae385e83cd177c2a47e1cf_35889163.bannerdautien
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The training by MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (MIT) available in Vietnam!

Course Overview: In a world of growing complexity, many of the most vexing problems facing managers arise from the unanticipated side-effects of their own past actions. In response, organizations struggle to speed learning and adopt a more systemic approach. Thus, we need practical tools that help managers understand complexity, design better operating policies, and guide effective change.
This program introduces participants to system dynamics, a powerful framework for identifying, designing, and implementing supply chain strategies. It has been used successfully in diverse industries and organizations, such as Airbus, Compaq, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, and Merck. Developed at MIT more than thirty years ago by computer pioneer Jay Forrester , systems dynamics led to the creation of management flight simulators that allow managers to experience the long-term side effects of decisions, accelerate learning, and design structures and strategies for greater success.
Key Take-Aways:               
-Understand the principles of systems thinking
-Learn the practical method of putting the principles into action
-Grasp the application of various techniques and tools such as mapping and simulation models in your supply chain
Content Course:     
-Introduction to system thinking
-Casual loop diagram
-Stock and flow
-Simulation and analysis
-Supply chain models
Who Should Attend: CEOs, VPs, Directors and Senior Management Executives responsible for driving business and operational excellence at their companies across all industry sectors (manufacturing, services, transportation, etc)
Training Dates:  JANUARY 30 & 31, 2015, 8:00A.M. – 5:00P.M
Registration Deadline: 20 December 2014
How to register: Email us at apics@cel-consulting.com
Or Visit our website: http://cel-consulting.com
Facilitators            :    MISI Faculty

About CEL Consulting
Established in 2005, CEL Consulting is a consulting firm offering specialized services in the optimization of the supply chain, focuses on emerging economies in South East Asia. We offer opportunities to manufacturing companies in Vietnam to cope with high growth. As a supply chain management consultancy, our practitioners support clients in South East Asia to create flexible and efficient operations that enable rapid response to changing customer demands and market opportunities. We enhance system, flow and resource efficiency in the following practices: Supply Chain and Logistics optimization, analysis, design, survey, auditing, training, simulation and implementation.

CEL has built its reputation on solid knowledge of Vietnam and South East Asia particularities and challenges while providing world standard solutions to clients. CEL philosophy is to deliver practical trainings with exercises and case studies drawn from the business including: Production & Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Procurement & Sourcing, Project Management in Manufacturing, LEAN 6 Sigma, and more.

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